1: Jake

2: Gian Carlo








1st Season

In the first season of the Annual Beyflames Group Tourney, three teams were formed. The Demolition Boys, led by Jake, the Turbo Bladers, led by Michael, and the Blade Busters X led by Garrsion. The teams battled it out, and the Demolition boys came up with a victory.

Demolition Boys MVP: Gian Carlo

The Turbo Bladers MVP: Michael

The Blade Busters X MVP: Tom

League MVP: Jake


2nd season

The final draft was made for the teams of the Beyflames ill start with the raining champs The Demolition Boys. The team is the same Jake, Gian Carlo and Nick. but this time there is more competition like The Blade Busters X  is now Tom, Garrison and the newest member Conor. The next team is no competition The Turbo Bladers the team members are Michael and James. The leaders of each team are Jake of The Demolition Boys. The Blade Busters X leader is Tom and last and least The Turbo Bladers leader is Michael. The matches havent started yet but everyone knows they'll be intense.

The Demolition Boys record: 7-0

 The Blade Busters X record: 5-2

 The Turbo Bladers record: 3-4


Season 3

Hey guys, back to the beggining. 3 teams, 1 playoff, one goal: success.

Demoltion Boys: Jake, Nick, Jon Carlo

The Blade Busters X: Tom, Garrison

The Turbo Blades: Michael, Conor, James

Or we have the option for a tag team campaign: 4 teams, 2 members each.




Beyflames Plastic Only Annual Tourney

The tourtament sure was exciting. Held at the Garrison and Jake's house, for the first time, the Beyflames met a member: Luke O'Connor. The tourtament was supposed to decide the 4 fighters of the group, and the top 4 winners were:

1: Garrison Valliere

2: Jake Valliere

3: Michael Lauinger\

We had 7 people, so we had to autimaticly set a battler in the finals. So, another battle was held to determine who would be the 4th fighter between Tom, Luke, and Conor. Tom looked like he had it but then Luke stormed him down, ending the battle. This was the setup for the tourney.

 Round 1:

Mike VS Tom

Garrison VS Conor

Jake VS Luke

Round 2:

Mike VS Garrison

Jake VS Joe

Round 3:

Garrison VS Jake

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