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Have you ever wished that you could play beyblades online? Well that's too bad. Just kidding. Now you can. Follow the directions on this page and you can.


Go online and find a profile picture for yourself. Than post your type of beyblade and a picture for it. Write your beyblades type, name, and information you might put on a profile. You can chalange people in the talk box, and fight in the battle box. First one to type in LET IT RIP! gets a better spin and gets one point. Then for every time you type in attack you get one point, until somebody does 2 in a row, and then the battle ends. The one with more points wins. The other way to play is if u say attack 3 times in a row then u say ur special attack.

Chat Box

Battle Box #1

Battle Box #2

Michaels Profile

Michael Lauinger

Type: Combination

Preferences: Relying on one thing is underminded. I find it better to get a good all around fast moving launch.

Beyblade: Infinity Dranzer


Infinity Gigs

Infinty Flames

Infinity Hold

Infinity Storm

Type: Combination


James' (Firelord767's) Profile of awesomeness

James (My last name? Like i'd tell you!)

 Catchphrases: Yo-Ta! (Japenese for "I did it!) (And then someone yells, "STOP SPEAKING FREAKIN" JAPENESE!)

Prefrences: The last one spinning wins. I just have to be that one... 

Type: Stamina

ArcherBeyblade: Rune Sagittario (Face: BB-03 Sagittario, Wheel: BB-18 Libra, Track: BB-35 F Sagittario, Bottom: Stamina Sharp Orange (BB-03))


Flame Claw


Garrison's Text Box of Doom


Garrison (most people mispronounce my last name so im not telling you)

Catch Phrase = Yummy Delicious or Shit Muffins

Beyblade=Inferno Dragoon

Type=Power (Attack and Defence)


Inferno Storm

Spike Cutter

For More Information look at my page

conors fortress box

catch phrase the shield can be more powerful than the sword

beyblade sunami draciel 

special attack sunami shield

and pie wall

type defense and endurance

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