Our Team

 Our team is the best Long Island has to offer. We have won several tournaments and other events. And we are TOTALLY AWESOME !!

Garrison (The Leader)

Garrison is a bladers worst nightmare. First you will get smashed by his beasting attacks. then with the perfect balance his blade will transfer into defence and last you out.You better watch out because he means bussiness. And be prepared because hes not afraid to play dirty.

 Overall: A+++++++++++++++++++++

Jake (The Pheonix)

litterally, Jake kicks butt. With his spin stealing annoying thing of doom, his endurance is something to behold. Better Whatch out!! Because when your playing with fire youre gonna get burned.



 Overall: A++                         

Tom (The Trainer)

When it comes to training theres no one better Tom is as good at training as a BeyBlade is at spinning with his unique ideas and great thinking he definetly knows what hes doing.                                                   Overall: A

James (The Stratagist)

James is the man with the plan.  He's a real (handsome)(ignore that) strategest with a lot of tactics. nuff said.   


Latest scout: B

Conor (The shield)

One word Defence. Conors evolution Draciel Combination is an immovable object. Even if you do move it, it will last you out with its amazing endurance. If you still dont understand, here it is simply. Conors Beyblade is One Tough pie.So just remember a good defence is a great offence!!and the shield is sometimes better than the sword and also pie my beyblade consists of parts from diffre

Overall: A+

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