About Us

At first it was just Garrison and his little brother Jake having fun with beyblades. When they went to there friends house and created a team The BladeRaiders. Later on They went to summer camp and got their friends there and changed their name to the BeyFlames.

               Present Day...   BeyFlames are here and out to win so you better look out for this new  threat to be reconed with!

The Beyflames play by their own rules. We beybattle in plastic tubes of all things. We hold pickup tournies and schedule some into next week. We play the plastic way, with new HMS on the horizon. Some of the more nostlogistic of the group shun MFB (for now...). We launch the way we want, without hesitation. We are truley a unique bunch, and the best team so far on the island (that we know of...which is NONE!). Beybattle at your own risk. 

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