Who We Are

We are a new beyblading team out to become champions and we're ready for it. With current and upcoming champions, members, and overall future, this club is only open to true beybladers.We are currently split up. 

also, you could email us @


Rules for this site

Hello internet. This is Garrison "ButtCakeJewasaurusRex" Valliere6969:), elite of the beyflames, coming live to get u wat u can do on this site.

1: No abusive content. (ex: whipping and/or strangling and/or smothering with a pillow)

2: This is an all blade team (yes James you are now accepted back :P)

3: ALL corny racist jokes are prohibidato.

4:If you break any rule you will either recieve a harsh spanking or a mind rape. (OH YES I WENT THERE)

I Think u see where this is going.

The Beyflames

Chat Box

 You can also commune at our forums (also hosted by webs)


Our competition (the champions of various states) is found at Of course, we fight u if u can hold a bey.

Also go to or to play some really fun games and keep up to date with all that is beyblade. 


If you want too get some BeyBlades of your own. Start at these places- 

The Beyflames have no affilation with these sites whatsoever.

For More Information

If you want to find out any more about beyblade go to the forum (The official Beyflames website has no affiliation with the wbo whatsoever)

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This week: Which is best?

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